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Our teaching methodology involves developing skills in students so that they can sharpen their artistic skills. We aim to develop observation, perception, conception and execution skills required to produce a work of art.

Our methodology is based on teaching the 4 layers --

1. Tools, Materials and Techniques
2. Forms and Fundamentals
3. Self Preparation
4. Art in the Context of its environment

We help them increase their understanding of the integrity in various Art forms and their fundamentals. DeCAD harnesses the intellectual and emotional growth through theoretical and practical training.

The emphasis is given on knowing one's own self in terms of possibilities and limitations to meet all requirements and challenges on creative front.

With the help of our teachers, students learn Art in context of its environment i.e. Political, Economical, Historical, Aesthetical, Philosophical, Religious, Technological etc.

All the courses are designed to help the students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in respective specialization.


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