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With a view to improve quality of life of people in Konkan region, a noted backward area, it was felt that personality development and development of entrepreneurship skills at every level of population was imperative. Although average person in this region has a good intellectual level as well as creative capability.

The region didn't provide training in technical facilities to upgrade these potentials. The idea of CREDAR (Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship Development And Research) was conceived out of this consideration. Basic and advance education in Fine art, Applied art and Design capabilities as well as using such skills to become economically self sufficient, DeCAD was established.





                                                                                         DeCAD Devrukh College of Art And Design   



It is said that when one is learning something beautiful, its best done in a beautiful environment. An environment and a situation that encourages you to whole heartedly go ahead, experiment with your ideas and provide facilities to practice them.

DeCAD - is an institute for learning Art & Design skills where veterans mentor a growing artist within a person. Situated at a small town called "Devrukh" a remote location in Ratnagiri District, it is surrounded by natural beauties of the region and provides a warm and encouraging environment to learn fundamentals of art & design.






  Devrukh, although well connected, manages to provide isolation and protection from the disturbing urban deviation of cheap and wasting  entertainments. One finds an easy way to fall back on mother nature and nourish the artistic soul within.
  Gentle company of serious and devoted   senior artists  provide training at DeCAD to equip the students with contemporary life and media  with confidence and hope for a better future for both, the student and the urban society we live in.
  The institution, though modern in looks, has the finest tradition of rich local life of Konkan that supplies the basic human raw material for the celebration of life in the form of art in society. The institute is also equipped with hostel and mess facilities.
  By seeking education in Devrukh  and in this  institution, one opts for the influence and richness of local traditions as well as planned and graduated exposures to modernity and media complexities.
  The institute has the exclusive privilege of being the Authorized study center of the esteemed University of Mumbai, India.
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